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Amelia Update!

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Hello Amelia Admirers!

We wanted to share some good news and offer a huge THANK YOU for donating to Amelia’s medical fund.

In the spring, Amelia was diagnosed with Feline Hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrine (hormone) disorder that affects cats. It creates a wide range of symptoms resulting from the overproduction of thyroid hormone made by the thyroid gland.  A common disease for senior kitties (Amelia is a whopping 15 years old!) it can be maintained by a special diet and medication.  When Amelia was diagnosed she began a special prescription diet and needed several blood tests to determine if her treatment was working.  That was when we asked for your help.

You gave generously and raised enough money to cover food for the past four months as well as for one appointment and blood test.  We are so touched by your love and concern for our little Amelia.  She brightens our days and we know what a cuddle of comfort she is to everyone who walks in the door.

Amelia just had a follow up appointment and she had great results!  The blood test deemed that the prescription food was doing its job and her system has stabilized.  This is a life-long disease, so we will maintain her health through regular blood tests and through her special diet.

Thank you again for your beautiful generosity.  We always tell people we have the best customers and friends, and once again – it’s pretty obvious that we do.  Come give Amelia a snuggle and a “job well done.”

Love,  Amelia’s dedicated minions.

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photo (69)   For Independent Bookstore Day we are celebrating everything AMELIA! 

Our darling Amelia Cat has been with us for almost four years now and we just needed an excuse to celebrate her warm and fuzzy existence.  So, with Independent Bookstore Day coming, and her mug featured on an exclusive IBD release (see below), we couldn’t resist re-naming IBD as AMELIA CAT DAY!

There will be fun activities and special Amelia related gifts.  Stop by to help us shower Amelia with all the adoration she deserves.  Check out the details and schedule below! 

Get your own EXCLUSIVE Bookstore Cat Pouch from OutofPrint Clothing featuring our precious Amelia! $14 OR FREE with $50 purchase. 


Collect a very special AMELIA ZINE made by our own Bookseller Sarah! Draw a picture of Amelia and enter to win a special prize and have your art work displayed in-store.  Get your face painted and use cute photo booth props to take the most memorable photos of this momentous occasion. Remember to tag us on Instagram and Facebook: @spiralbookcase &#ameliacatday 

11am : Coffee, Tea & Treats (until supplies last)
11am-2pm : Drawing Lesson with Julia : Draw a picture of Amelia and be entered to win a PURRRRRFECT Prize
230pm : Catastic Storytime with Grace
3pm-4pm : Face-Painting with Sarah : Your chance to look like Amelia!
4pm : Another Catastic Storytime with Grace

Our furry feline is ready to PARTY WITH YOU!  RSVP here.

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Meet Amelia

It is official, The Spiral Bookcase, has a store cat.  Amelia.  She won us over and she’s here to stay.

Little Amelia was found on Cotton St. near our shop several weeks ago.  A group of lovely ladies were going to dinner and found her mewling nearby on a dark and stormy night.   They inquired here if  I might be interested in harboring her at the shop.  If you know me, you can probably guess, it didn’t take much convincing.  We noticed that she had an imprint of a collar around her neck, and her absolutely sweet disposition made it apparent she was not an alley cat.  We believe she may have been dumped off, and after inquiring about lost cats who might fit her description, it appeared that this was truly the case.  She may not have been lost per se, but she has certainly has been found.  Cat kismet.

It didn’t take me long to name her.  Amelia.  Part Amelia Pond, part Amelia Bedelia.  She is adorable, affectionate,  and mouthy, and we can’t let her go.  So, next time your in the shop, if you spy a calico fluff ball, say hello and give her a little pet.  (She’s partial to head butts too.)

Ameila Pond & The Doctor

Amelia Bedelia

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