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Customer Appreciation Weekend: July 28th, July 29th – Two Years in Business!

 Join us for two days of celebration!
Sat, July 28th 10am-9pm & Sun, July 29th 10am-7pm

We are so happy to be celebrating our second year.  You helped us make it this far, and we want to say THANK YOU!  To show our appreciation please join us for this very special celebration.

15% off your entire purchase – Saturday, July 28th and Sunday, July 29th. WHAT?! Yep, your entire purchase + further discounts on selected stock!

Raffle! Every purchase over $5.00 (before tax) gets a raffle ticket until they run out!
A signed copy of Roadsworth! (the street artist who painted Manayunk’s crosswalks) – 4 available
The Spiral Bookcase Limited Edition Posters! – 4 available
The Spiral Bookcase Mugs! – 3 available

Bubbly and homemade goodies Saturday evening, 5pm-9pm. Bring your books, bring your poems, bring your words and perhaps we can have an impromptu open poetry and prose event!


Desserts in Jars by Shaina Olmanson, Book Signing and Sweet Demonstration

Thurs., July 26th, 7pm

Location: Sweet Elizabeth’s Cakes: 4409 Main St., Philadelphia, PA 19127

A very special collaboration with Sweet Elizabeth’s Cakes and The Spiral Bookcase. Join us for a sweet demonstration and book signing with Shaina Olmanson, author of Desserts in Jars.  Shaina will make a delectable dessert from her newest cookbook for lucky participants to sample.  Desserts in Jars will be available for purchase at Sweet Elizabeth’s during the event. (Pre-order your copy now!  215-482-0704)

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Celebrate and Support Local Talent- The Brian Biggs Edition

One of the things I love about owning a bookshop is seeing how it attracts writers, poets, musicians, and artists.  It is a beautiful thing, to be in the midst of all this creativity.  Part of our mission, and I would argue the mission of every brick and mortar bookstore, is to support local talent and be a community space to share this talent with others.  Every month, we are happy to feature local artists, authors, poets, and musicians in a variety of events.  We hold events so that YOU can actively participate in this experience.  Take a moment out of an overflowing schedule to sit, relax, laugh, chat, as well as celebrate and support local talent.

During the month of July we are celebrating the life and times of Brian Biggs.  Okay, maybe not quite, but we are certainly lauding his cartoonish & clever artwork.  Brian’s long career has involved creating art for comics, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, advertising, toys, puzzles, and animations.   Most recently Brian was involved in the creation of two new books, Everything Goes: On Land (as author and illustrator) and The Boy Who Cried Alien (as illustrator).

Everything Goes: On Land has been a bestseller here in the shop, and for good reason.  This superb children’s book is for the young and old; it’s informative and funny, with vibrant and detailed illustrations.  Plus if you live in the area, you’ll have fun searching out familiar names.

I had the opportunity to work with Brian on a slightly different event than he might be used to- a gallery opening instead book signing.   I thought it would be wonderful to display his art through the shop – old and new work, children’s book illustrations, advertising prints, and other fantastical characters that he has created.  Brian was on board and we debuted the gallery during First Friday in Manayunk.  We had a great opening, receiving great feedback from friends, regular patrons,  and visitors.  Many people are happy to show their support for a local fellow by purchasing a special signed print (thank you!), and I think everyone can appreciate his amazing artwork.

Brian’s work will be up until at least August 1st, so if you missed the debut, remember to stop by to see the exhibit.  All of the prints are for sale, as well as several of Brian’s books.   Check out some of his featured artwork below! (First three photos courtesy of Brian Biggs.)

If you happen to know someone that might like the opportunity to work with us to create a special event for their book/art/music/name-your-own-adventure send them our way!

Meet Amelia

It is official, The Spiral Bookcase, has a store cat.  Amelia.  She won us over and she’s here to stay.

Little Amelia was found on Cotton St. near our shop several weeks ago.  A group of lovely ladies were going to dinner and found her mewling nearby on a dark and stormy night.   They inquired here if  I might be interested in harboring her at the shop.  If you know me, you can probably guess, it didn’t take much convincing.  We noticed that she had an imprint of a collar around her neck, and her absolutely sweet disposition made it apparent she was not an alley cat.  We believe she may have been dumped off, and after inquiring about lost cats who might fit her description, it appeared that this was truly the case.  She may not have been lost per se, but she has certainly has been found.  Cat kismet.

It didn’t take me long to name her.  Amelia.  Part Amelia Pond, part Amelia Bedelia.  She is adorable, affectionate,  and mouthy, and we can’t let her go.  So, next time your in the shop, if you spy a calico fluff ball, say hello and give her a little pet.  (She’s partial to head butts too.)

Ameila Pond & The Doctor

Amelia Bedelia

Read books!


Gallery Opening with Author and Illustrator Brian Biggs!

For the next First Friday in Manayunk, we are happy to present Brian Biggs, a Manayunk author and illustrator. We are hosting a reception to launch the month-long showing of Brian’s art at The Spiral Bookcase. Opening night will feature Brian’s fun, colorful, and well-received illustrations, along with Brian’s sought after books. Both artwork and books will be available for purchase. Refreshments will be provided. Come on out and support local talent!

Visit Brian’s website.

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