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Are you a Fearless Reader? Sign up!


A literary mail subscription for adventurous readers!

Fearless Reader:  A person fond of reading original,  unconventional, thought-provoking literature to develop a greater understanding of themselves, and the world around them.


Our fearless reader book subscription takes the best of small press and sends it right to your door!  What is “Small Press?”  A Small Press is an independently operating publishing house that is not a part of large conglomerates or multinational corporations.  Why is this important? Small presses add new and dynamic conversations to a literary landscape that can sometimes be driven by the next big sale. Because Small Presses operate independently, they seek to highlight and feature authors that value creativity and originality above all else.  This, to our delight, creates a huge wonderland of weird, subversive, eye-opening, risky, difficult, brilliant, challenging books for us to explore.  How fantastic is that?

So, are you ready to traverse this new, surprising literary landscape? Our Fearless Reader Subscription sends the best of Small Press right to your door.  Each month we will mail you a new Small Press selection (vetted by The Spiral Bookcase) – from fiction to poetry to non-fiction; varied voices that will challenge, engage, & inspire.  Not only that, along with these small press selections, we will include information about our featured writer and/or press, and a gift or two from The Spiral Bookcase.  Plus join our online community of Fearless Readers on Facebook.

So – are you a fearless reader?  Are you ready to step outside your literary comfort zone?  If so, sign up now!  3 month and 6 month subscriptions also available.


  • A New Small Press Book
  • Gifts & Swag from The Spiral Bookcase
  • Zine (info, interviews, and/or recommendations to explore)
  • Free Shipping
  • entrance to our Fearless Readers Facebook Group


  • Month to Month Subscription : $30
  • 3 Month Subscription : $75 (save $15)
  • 6 Month Subscription : $140 (save $40)

Thinking about giving Fearless Readers as a gift?  Just include the recipient’s name and address in the comment section when you complete your purchase.

Do you want to pick up in-shop?  Just message us with your order.

The Details:                                                                                                             Book Subscription Payments will run appx to the 10th (unless otherwise indicated) each month.  For example, pay between March 11th-April 10th, you will receive the April Book of the Month. Books of the Month will ship out by the end of the month.

No refunds or returns.  If there are any problems or concerns about the selection and/or payments, please contact  We are always happy to discuss any issues with our customers.