Thursday Night – Local Author Night!

Thursday, Nov 15th, 7pm-830pm

This fall we are launching a weekly author series! Thursday evenings throughout the fall and early winter we are hosting a bevy of wonderful authors in the shop!

Thursday, Nov. 15th, we welcome Gregg Feistman into the shop! Gregg will be sharing his newest book The War Merchants. We hope you can join us for this special event!

About the book: Out of the ashes of the Second World War, a former Nazi finance expert and his half-brother, an SS Colonel, use stolen gold and confiscated treasures to implement their vision of the ultimate business model to control the world: economic fascism. In the decades since, a secret cartel of multinational corporations have used it to successfully manipulate world events and pull the strings of governments to start and control local wars around the globe. They maximize profits without the waste and inefficiencies of a world war. Beautiful public relations executive Cassidy Jevon and ace newspaper business reporter Michael Kranz stumble upon the Machiavellian scheme. But is it too late already? Is this really the way the modern world works? And how high up does the sinister conspiracy reach? As their mutual attraction grows but not knowing who to trust, they must expose the global conspiracy before the next targeted business initiative begins: the manipulation and takeover of Russia.

Bio: Gregg Feistman is an Associate Professor of Public Relations at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He resides in Southern New Jersey.

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