A Solstice Triptych: Three’s the Charm

Thursday, Dec. 20th, 7pm-9pm

Three’s the charm for a solstice triptych of poetry. Poets Mike Cohen, Dave Worrell & Suzán Jiván multiply their love of words with their love of life on the second shortest day of the year.

Mike Cohen addresses The Big Bang along with the little bumps of life by memorizing many of his poems in case he bumps into a flash mob of poets,  Dave Worrell is “bound to add big ideas” as he reads from his first chapbook, We Who Are Bound while Suzán Jiván beams big smiles while she ” looks in and sips ” hot tea and reads from her first chapbook:  Looking In and Sipping: Collected Poems by Suzán Jiván.

Hope you’ll join us!
My nom de plume, Suzán Jiván, typifies my desire to promote life through poetry. “Jivan” is Hindi for “life”.  Looking In and Sipping: Collected Poems of Suzán Jiván  is my first chapbook of poetry. As a product of the 60’s, now in my 60’s, I delight in the love of language on the printed page affirming life each day…

Dave Worrell’s first chapbook titled We Who Were Bound was published in August 2012 by Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press.  His poems have appeared in U.S. 1 Worksheets, Mad Poets Review, Exit 13, Wild River Review, Fox Chase Review, Adanna; Up and Under, the QND Review; and the Casa de Cinco Hermanas journal.  He has performed his music-backed poems at Chris’ Jazz Café in Philadelphia and The Cornelia Street Café in New York.

Reflective, philosophical, and humorous, Mike Cohen‘s writing is an ongoing attempt to make sense of this life and this universe It addresses the Big Bang and the little bumps as well. There is no topic too meaningful or too nonsensical.

Mike’s poetry has appeared in the Mad Poets Review, Poetry Forum Anthology, Fox Chase Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal, the Mt. Airy Times Express, and the Philadelphia Daily News. His poetic presentations have been featured in programs at various schools, bookstores, coffee shops, and libraries. His poems have been aired on SKN radio. Mike has served as a judge in the Montgomery County Poet Laureate competition.

Mike’s poetic philosophy is: “Poetry doesn’t have the answers, it’s just a beautiful way of putting the questions.”

Mike hosts Poetry Aloud and Alive, a poetry program at Mt.Airy’s Big Blue Marble Book Store. He takes part in guiding tours at Woodmere Art Museum.  Mike and his wife Connie can often be found stalking local statuary to gather information for articles on Philadelphia sculpture to appear in the Schuylkill Valley Journal.  Mike has memorized some of his poetry just in case he ever finds himself amidst a flash-mob of poets.  You never know.

Some of Mike’s poetry can be seen and heard on the web by visiting http://mikecohensays.com/


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