The Spiral Salon – Thurs, Feb 21st 7pm



The Spiral Salon – Thursday, February 21st, 7pm 

Join us for our upcoming Spiral Salon featuring two local authors, a local artist, and a local musician!

We created The Spiral Salon to showcase a variety of talent and to create an enjoyable and inclusive space for like-minded folks. This casual gathering is a way for you to mingle and experience the creativity that this area has to offer. Light refreshments will be provided.

Our line-up includes:
Elliott Ridenour – author
Daniel DiFranco – author
Katie O’Connor – artist
Neon and Shy – music


Elliott Ridenour, a native of San Antonio, Texas, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied English and music. His education then led him to Philadelphia, where he is currently a part of Arcadia University’s MFA program in creative writing. The piece he will be reading at The Spiral Salon, titled “They Come Marching,” was featured in the May 2012 issue of HotHouse Literary Magazine. Elliott currently lives in West Mount Airy with his dog Rux.

Daniel DiFranco is a writer, musician, and teacher living in Philadelphia. He is currently working on an MFA from Arcadia University. He received his B.S. in English education from Temple University. His work has appeared on various bathroom walls from coast to coast and in Fiction at Work (which is now defunct and has led some to believe he is making the whole thing up). When he is not writing or on a gig, he is teaching high school English and music. He has a new batch of stories out for publication and is eagerly awaiting news of their fate.

When Katie O’Connor is not papermache-ing over inanimate objects, she works with home schoolers at Talking Stick Learning Center. As a child, she had one Barbie whose toes had been chewed off by the cat. For years she thought that was the beauty norm. Now she embraces body images with or without toes. The Barbies exhibited are intended to convey a sense of grace, simplicity, and emotion

Neon and Shy is the music project of accordionist, toy pianist, and writer of eclectic songs, Dan Nosheny. His songs bridge the gap between irony and sincerity, and include such ageless themes as love, loss, mad scientists, and Microsoft Excel. They fluidly run the gamut; one minute he’s singing about the closure of his favorite ice cream parlor, the next he’s lamenting the lack of closure from a lost love. While the tongue is often firmly planted in the cheek in his music, that’s only because he has stored a delicious green apple Jolly Rancher in there. In 2012, Neon and Shy released his debut album, I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend.

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  1. Is there a cost for the Salon?

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