CANCELLED : The Real Story Behind the Ali vs. Liston Fights by Paul Gallender

We regret to inform you that this event has been CANCELLED.  We are working with the author to reschedule for the summer. 

Book Signing with Paul Gallender Wednesday, April 17th, 7pm-9pm 

The Spiral Bookcase welcomes Paul Gallender to share his biography of the extraordinary Sonny Liston: Sonny Liston – The Real Story Behind the Ali-Liston Fights. He introduces the reader to a man who, while not a saint, had a sense of fairness and depth of character that was acknowledged for the most part only by his family, friends, and children of all races

“Liston was arguably the most hated, feared and misunderstood athlete of the 20th century,” says Gallender. “Because of that, most of what the world knows about him has little basis in fact.”

During the event, Gallender will read excerpts from the book, answer audience questions, and sign copies of his book. We anticipate that this event will be well-attended. Please be aware that space is limited in the shop and attendees will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis. Books will be available to purchase at The Spiral Bookcase (pre-orders are recommended).

Liston was a lightning rod for racism when the Civil Rights movement was gaining steam. Among other things, Sonny was called an inferior Negro, less than human, slow-thinking, a primitive in a primitive profession, a latter-day caveman, a savage, glaring-eyed gorilla, a rogue elephant, a congenital thug, and strong than a yoke of oxen and just as dumb.

In meticulous detail, Gallender shows why the outcome of Liston’s two bouts with Muhammad Ali had more to do with what took place outside of the ring than in it. The shocking truth about their one-round fight in Lewiston, Maine, is revealed for the first time in his book. “When Sonny was forced to throw that fight, his reputation, career, and future went down with him,” says the author. “A largely white sporting press despised and feared Liston and was only too happy to demean and forget him after the Ali bouts.”

“Today, Liston is merely a footnote to the career of Ali. However, half a century ago Sonny was the best there ever was,” says Gallender. In 1964, Joe Louis called Liston the greatest heavyweight champion in history, while former light heavyweight champ Archie Moore described Liston as “something extraordinary with a pair of Everlast gloves.”


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