WITCH WEEK : 10/22-10/31

witch week @ spiral

october 22nd – october 31st

weird books / peculiar gifts / spooky events / spiral enchantments


Celebrate the spooky vibes of October with us during WITCH WEEK!  Dates and details below.

All Week : 10/22-10/31 : Witch Hunt: A mysterious in-store scavenger hunt- solve the riddles & receive 13% off your purchase. 

Uncover a selection of peculiar gifts & books throughout the week in-store or on-line. Special Gift with every on-line purchase & Free Shipping with any purchase over $50. 

10/22-10/23: Halloween in Manayunk: Witchy Goody Bags with $25+ purchase while supplies last, Coloring for Kids, Trick or Treating

10/26 5pm-9pm : Witch’s Night Out : Cocktails, Witch Zine Launch, Tarot Reading 

10/29-10/31: Good JuJu Spell with $25+ purchase while supplies last 

Happy Halloween! Join the Coven here

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