Book Signing with local author J. L. Manning

Saturday, December 10th, 3pm-5pm

Join us in welcoming local author J. L. Manning to the shop.   We are celebrating the release of his newest book, The Night Watchman. Mr. Manning draws on his own personal experiences and created a thriller with heart.  Visit his website here:


I was born in Philadelphia and grew up just outside of the city. I would imagine that I had a good childhood until my mother died when I was ten and a car hit me when I was twelve and suffered brain damage. Now the brain damage just affected my fine motor controls, so I am all there in the head and have graduated collage with an associate’s degree in computer sciences.

I dream a lot about places to get away to and doing things that I am not capable of doing. My books help people imagine being at these places and doing the things that I write about.

The Night Watchman starts out where my life has brought me until the character in this book gets his driver’s license. Throughout the book I lightly point out the difficulties I have had and seen with people who have had such trauma. I have had first hand experiences, so I can describe them in the first person. (from Mr. Manning’s facebook page)

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