First Friday in Manayunk – Gallery Opening and Book Launch of Dugout Phunnies #4

Friday, April 6th, 6-9pm

Join us for First Friday in Manayunk, featuring the artwork of David Jablow, Roxborough artist and co-creator of Dugout Phunnies.  We are hosting a reception to launch the month-long showing of David’s art at The Spiral Bookcase, as well as celebrating the release of Dugout Phunnies, Issue 4!  Original artwork and Dugout Phunnies, Issues 1-4 will be available for purchase.

Dugout Phunnies, Issue 4 is a 20-page, hand-drawn, black and white comic book with full-color cover.  For Issue 4, the guys are headed into space to save the planet from an ominous alien threat. Will Jim Thome remember how to fly the space shuttle? Will Doc wrestle any space snakes? Will Mayberry and his super-science brain save the day? Will Vanimal get the girl? Will Polly’s vast collection of Star Wars memorabilia come in handy whatsoever? Issue 4 answers these questions and more. But wait … it’s a two-part series with the exciting conclusion to come later this summer? Yes, it is! How’s that for a cliffhanger?

Dugout Phunnies, Issues 1-4, are the work of Philadelphia artist, David Jablow, and comedian, Jon Goff. David Jablow has garnered positive press for the opening of his “do it yourself Doodler” show and the subsequent release of the retrospective book published by AdHouse Books. More details about that project can be found here.

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