Black Books – Fever

I am a huge fan of Black Books; a British sitcom created by Dylan Moran and Graham Linehan that was broadcast from 2000 to 2004.  This brilliant comedy features Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) as the proprietor of a small London bookshop, his assistant Manny (Bill Bailey), and friend  Fran (Tamsen Greig).  Hilarity ensues.

After opening my bookshop, a friend asked if I had seen Black Books.  I had not, but being a huge fan of British and Irish comedy, I knew I would probably like it.  After the couple minutes of the first episode I was hooked.

At the time, being the owner of a newly formed bookshop, I appreciated the humor, especially after hours and hours of trying to get the shop off and running.  Seriously, I can relate.  I might have even lovingly called my husband Manny on occasion, and nicknamed a good friend Fran (although, I think his gifts of wine and conversation certainly aided in this distinction.)  But, to be true, I am not a Bernard – as I adore my customers and can’t really imagine smoking like a chimney and guzzling wine whilst patrons are eager to pick out some great books.

In any case, Black Books has been integral in keeping up my spirits on difficult days (hello tax season – see eps. 1).  I also may be quite susceptible to consider fictional TV characters as friends (why hello Leslie Knope), so I am very happy to have them a part of my bookselling experience.

So, since today is HOT! I was reminded of one particular episode where Manny just cannot tolerate the heat.  It makes me laugh every time.  So, for the fans and for the Black Books virgins, please take a moment to laugh with me and check out the episode below.

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