Trade Policy

We are now accepting trades by appointment. Please contact 215-482-0704.

We are happy to take in your gently-used books here at The Spiral Bookcase.  We offer reimbursement for your books in the form of store credit.

We select books based upon their condition, desirability, and fit within our specific collection.  Right now, we are looking for new releases (within 2 years of publication), literature, sci-fi, philosophy, graphic novels, poetry, cookbooks, local history, vintage books, children’s books, and books on weird or unusual topics (such as the occult, medical curiosities, hauntings, etc.) 

Depending on the quality of and demand for the books you bring in, you will receive between 20%-25% of our price for them in credit towards other book purchases.  We credit according to current market value of the book; top quality titles will receive maximum credit; lesser quality items will be valued accordingly given demand, condition, and current inventory.

Please limit trade-ins to two bags per visit.  If we do not select certain books for the shop, we ask that you leave with them.  Please plan on staying in the shop while your books are assessed, normally 15 – 20 minutes, as we may need to assist other customers during this time as well.  If you drop them off when a book buyer is not available, please note that we will donate any books we cannot use.  Our shop is quite small and we cannot hold books for customers.

Condition is a very important factor in deciding which books we will select for the shop.  We do not accept books that are marked with hand-writing, highlighting, or have torn pages.  We do not accept books that have water damage, or carry a strong odor (pet, mildew, or smoke).

You can apply your trade credit in two ways:                                                       1) 100% the purchase price of any used book (up to $25.00 per book)             2) 50% of the purchase price of any new book

Our policies are in line with how other small bookstores bring in books to stay well-stocked and offer a relevant and ever-changing selection.  We welcome your participation!